Jukebox is a social media player that lets you share music across limitless people, devices and speakers, whether they're in the same room or halfway across the world. Create & share your Jukebox now:
Join a public Jukebox to discover and listen to music with others across the globe!
share & discover music
Set up a Jukebox instantly, no accounts required, and share your Jukebox web link, letting you and your friends line up your favourite songs from YouTube.
play in sync
Any device that connects to the same online Jukebox will play the same music in sync, letting you connect audio across limitless devices, headphones and speakers.
global control
All controls, such as play, pause, skip, and even volume, from any device can control all devices & speakers connected to the same Jukebox, no matter where they are.
perfect for meetups
Next time you meet up with your friends, there'll be no more complaining about the music, passing around the laptop, or requesting songs. Now, just control the music from your phone.
work in sync
Prefer to drown out outside noise with headphones? Get your whole team to connect to the same Jukebox, and when you need everyone's attention, just hit the global pause!
let the crowd choose
Hosting a house party? Don't worry about picking the 'right' music. Share your Jukebox link with your guests, let them build the playlist, and enjoy the night!
Copyright © 2024
A project by Hakeem Javaid and James Isaac
Known Issues
Music not playing on some mobile browsers. Try running Jukebox in Chrome mobile browser, and hitting pause/play if still not playing.
Jukebox randomly skipping songs. We're aware that Jukebox sometimes unexpectedly skip songs, we'll resolve this soon.
Having problems? Email us at: team@jukebox.today
Copyright © 2024
A project by Hakeem Javaid and James Isaac